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Flexion Distraction/ Spinal Decompression

Flexion Distraction/ Spinal Decompression

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Non-surgical spinal decompression is a hot topic in back pain reduction. Chiropractic spinal manipulation using Flexion Distraction (F/D) allows - and is - spinal decompression.

Flexion Distraction is a Chiropractic spinal manipulation technique that has been shown to relieve back pain. Back pain affects 80% of us at some point in our lives. Back pain is disruptive to normal activities of daily living and frustrates the sufferer and their family.

Flexion Distraction is a gentle, safe, controlled treatment for spinal pain relief. Flexion Distraction is a chiropractor-applied, chiropractor-controlled, patient-focused treatment designed to provide spinal pain relief.
After undergoing a thorough examination that leads to a specific diagnosis of the spinal condition to be treated:

  • The patient lies face down on a Flexion Distraction table, the specially designed table for delivering the treatment.
  • Tolerance testing is performed prior to the application of Flexion Distraction to ensure that the treatment will not further aggravate the condition.
  • In delivering the treatment, the Chiropractor concentrates on one vertebral motion segment at a time as the lower end of the table slowly drops away.
  • The goal is to reduce stenotic effects by dropping intradiscal pressure, thus allowing disc reduction, an increase in the size of the intervertebral foramen, and a reduction of pressure on the dorsal root ganglion and the exiting nerve roots.

Flexion Distraction is great for facet syndrome, degenerative disc disease, leg pain, disc herniation or bulge, stenosis, and even pain after back surgery.

How does Flexion Distraction achieve this?

Flexion Distraction drops intradiscal pressures as low as -192mmHg and widens the spinal canal area by as much as 28%. As an added bonus, flexion distraction returns motion to the joints of the spine.

What does a treatment feel like?

Flexion Distraction is relaxing, relieving, and gentle. There is no quick moves or noise.

Book now at Hope Island Chiropractic Centre for Flexion Distraction, and see one of our friendly and qualified Chiropractors today!

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