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Footlevelers Orthotics


"Fifty years ago as a chiropractor I had an idea. I wanted to create whole body support for my patients by effectively positioning their feet - the foundation for the body - with high quality, custom-made flexible orthotics.”  
Dr Monte Greenawalt

I am very excited to announce the Spinal Pelvic Stabilisation programme is now available in Australia. Nearly 60 years ago in the USA, my father, Dr Monte Greenawalt, a chiropractor developed the first pair of Spinal Pelvic Stabiliser®. 

These were the first custom-made fully flexible foot insole designed to stabilise the feet in a better position of biomechanical function assisting chiropractic adjustments to hold longer and better. Now the Spinal Pelvic Stabilsing program is taught in chiropractic colleges around the world and many chiropractic techniques recognise this type of stabilisation of the feet to be an integral part of care for specific patients.

Adjust, Rehab and Stabilise for Better Outcomes
We have gained substantial knowledge over the past 50+ years using the empirical, outcome-based approach with our doctors and it has resulted in understanding the key strategies for the best outcomes. I recommend that you become proficient in the 3 Tracks; 

Adjust: Whole Body & Extremity adjusting, 
Stabilise: Recognising instability problems and learning which spinal pelvic stabiliser to prescribe Rehab: Recognising muscular imbalances so you can easily prescribe the precise exercise and rehab. 

I am proud of the extensive knowledge we have built upon in these tracks and believe it will help you apply an integrated systems approach for your patients so that restoring and maintaining their optimal health is more complete.  

Through research we are just starting to understand why they work so well!
For years, chiropractors have witnessed and documented positive benefits to their patients with using these spinal pelvic stabilisers—now through research we are just starting to understand why they work so well. We have published in peer review journals such as JMPT showing SPS orthotics can improve the alignment of the bones of the feet¹ , improve the Q angle of the knee², enhance proprioceptive balance³, increase sports performance4 (club head speed of experienced golfers) and improve gait patterns.5
Kent Greenawalt
President of Foot Levelers Inc.


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