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What is Performance Care?

performance care with hope island chiropractic centre

ART Performance Care is applied after the acute injuries have been resolved, and  acts to improve an athlete's performance in his or her chosen sport. Subtle or gross changes in the physiology of an athlete body can have tremendous impact on the time and effort required to perform an activity. Difficult training regimes, repetitive motions (swimming, running, cycling), and overworked muscles all place a great deal of stress on an athlete's body.

Repetitive motion, constant tension, and pressure often result in inflammation and swelling of soft tissue. The body responds to this inflammation by laying down scar tissue (cross fibres across the tissue) in an attempt to stabilize the affected area. ART Performance Care concentrates upon removing restrictions that inhibit full range of motion, and in restoring full function and performance to those soft tissues. This process can result in significant increases in sports performance, power, strength, and flexibility (Abelson 2005).

What Sports can ART help with?

ART can help improve performance in any sport, from skiing, weight lifting, football, to running, cycling, golf, and swimming.

How Can ART Improve my Sports Performance?

ART Performance Care focuses on removing restrictions that inhibit full range of motion, and in restoring full function and performance to those soft tissues.

Before treatment takes place, an extremely specific examination and diagnosis must be performed.  It is important to look past the initial point of pain to identify other structures that are involved in the kinetic chain.

The ART biomechanic certified practitioner conducts a biomechanic analysis in order to determine which structures are affected along the activity's kinetic chain, and to identify the antagonistic structures (opposing muscle groups) to those that have been identified as the primary structures causing the imbalance.

Once the affected areas have been identified, the ART practitioner is able to systematically remove restrictions along the entire kinetic chain.

Effective treatment of any soft tissue injury (ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, fascia and nerves), requires an alteration in tissue structure to break up the restrictive cross-fibre adhesions and to restore normal function to the affected soft tissue areas. When executed properly, this process:

  • Substantially decreases healing time.
  • Treats the root cause of the injury.
  • Improves athletic performance (Albeson, 2005).


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